I'm Caleb Olojo

Frontend Developer and Writer


Dummy user profiles

Dummy Profiles

A simple React/Redux project displaying user profiles via the data gotten from json-placeholder

An image showing cards that references the year in review articles of people

Awesome Year in Review

An archive of the "year in review" articles written by folks in the tech community to serve as a form of encouragement/inspiration to others

An image displaying the profile of robots

Robo Friends

Created with NextJs. Just a group of cards showing the profile of robots. The data was gotten from an API.

Sky sports website User interface

Sky Sports UI

Implemented the UI of the sksyports website. It is static, no API calls are being made. It's still a work-in-progress though.

An image displaying cards that shows asteroids details


Shows the details of asteroids in and beyond earth's orbit. Data was fetched from NASA's NeoW REST API

An image showing lists of movie cards

Movie search web-app

This is an App that I worked on using the OMDB movie API, by fetching movie information from it. You can search for any movie you want to view.

An image containing a credit card UI and a form field

Payment App User-interface

This is a simple payment user interface I implemented, there isn't too many functionalities as you can't acually perform areal transaction with it.

An image showing caleb olojo's portfolio's landing page

My portfolio website

I built this portfolio with ReactJS, it shows my previous and current projects, how to contact me, my background and my resume.

An image showing a stopwatch

ReactJS Stopwatch

A simple web app that lets you set time for particular purpose, it functions the way a normal stopwatch does.

An image showing a form input field and a button

Password strenght checker

A simple app built with JavaScript, that detects how strong your password is.

An image showing differnt cards that displays the amount of time left until it's christmas

Christmas countdown

A countdown timer that shows the remaining time from now, till christmas.

An image containing differnt crads that looks like images

Image grid with flexbox

This was built to serve as a guide in explaining the Box model in CSS to students in my school, it was created using the flexbox principles

An image showing the UI of the popular rock paper scissors game

Rock Paper Scissors

This is a simple game being built with ReactJS, atfer the popular 'rock paper scissors' game, the user canchoose weapons to battle with the computer.